E Commerce Website – Social Media Integration & Social Media Management

The plodders is a local running community of about 300 runners. They wanted a website presence and where selling a lot of merchandise via Facebook. We created a website that captured the social side of the group, but pulling social feeds from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. We also automated the entire sales process of all merchandise using woocommerce.

Website Design – Graphic Design – Ecommerce – Social Media Mgmt

2016 – Current

5.00 Stars

Matt created our website from scratch as a favour to our local running group. The precision and detail for a free website is incredible. Matts’ ability to create all types of remarkable digital content in minutes would make him any asset to any business or client. Matt not only maintains our website and ecommerce store, but he is a genius in helping us manage our multifaceted Social media channels. His latest creation is to call all our social media channels onto our homepage and our members jsut love it. I highly recommend Matt.
Juan Binskin

Committee Member - I.T. Guru, Plodders.com.au