When it comes to AdWords the more we spend the more time we should spend targeting exact audiences in exact placements, with highly specific ads and highly specific landing pages for each ad or ad group. Spending time upfront to get targeting,placements and audiences correct will pay off with overall lower relative bids, higher CTR and conversions and better ROI in Adwords.

The question often asked by clients is: How can I get my video ads in AdWords, to only show on selected display networks? We looked for solutions to link to and it seems to be a well kept secret by the AdWords experts. Anyway here is how to go about it:

  1. Make sure your website is associated with your YouTube channel:
    1. Login at YouTube then go to YouTube > Video Manager > Channel > Advanced
    2. Scroll down to Associated Websites and enter your URL
    3. The website owner will receive an “request to link” email where they can reject or modify the link
    4. In YouTube click “verify” under associated websites and they will phone or text a verification number
  2.  Link your YouTube and Adwords account at YouTube > Video Manager > Channel > Advanced , scroll down and press “Link an Adwords account”
  3. Create a new AdWords Campaign with “Display Network Only” > “No Marketing Objective” >”All Features”
    1. Name the campaign, choose the locations to target, set your bid at say $0.10 > Save & Continue
    2. In the next step “Ad group creation” select “se a different targeting method” > Placements
      1. Enter a word and search for the placements you want, select appropriate placements, avoid any music channels or your ads might play repeatedly while someone plays music on YouTube
      2. Repeat this process using words till you have the placements you want
    3. In AdWords > Campaigns > “your new campaign you just setup” > “Display Networks” tab, in the next row of tabs down next to +Targeting, you can narrow your targeting further by demographics etc
    4. In AdWords > Campaigns > “your new campaign you just setup” > “Display Networks” tab, use “Target and bid”
  4. In YouTube > Video Manager > “The video you are going to use in your ad” create a Card or multiple Cards depending on your video length with a link to your URL and a strong call to action see Add cards to videos


We always suggest starting a campaign with a higher budget and bids then necessary to get and compare quality of leads all possible locations. Wet higher bids than desired and review the bids at 12, 24, 48 and 96 hours, then weekly.

If you have an adwords spend over $500 per month, its well worth paying for an expert to setup and optimize or manage your account. Contact us if you need and Australian AdWords expert. We are based in Port Macquarie, NSW.

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