When Google linked  AdWords and Analytics, I felt like a kid in a candy store. The opportunities for laser targeted ad campaigns went through the roof. It has only become better since.

Linking analytics to Adwords allows valuable insight into your business as a whole. When you link the two accounts, you get to see both site performance and AdWords report in Analytics at once. This may sound to some like a tiny thing, but to someone who knows how to interpret the data this unleashes some very powerful insights.

Independently they provide great information. AdWords provides a means of finding customers and getting detailed data on your ad spend and ad performance. You can see which campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords perform and which generate conversions.

The problem is when adwords is a stand alone account, you get no data on what happens between the ad being clicked and the conversion. So you get great adwords data, but very little on the relationship between your adwords traffic and your website.

Google analytics fills this void. It allows you to see the behaviour once they are on your website, how they engage with your content, and how specific website design factors influence conversion. When you link the accounts you can track an adwords customer from adclick to conversion.

To a business website owner, this data in the right hands is extremely powerful . You can experiment with different traffic arriving and flowing through your website via different paths. From there you can design website flows specific to each AdWords campaign that drive the highest conversions for that particular campaign.

If you’re using AdWords conversion optimiser and have imported your goals and ecommerce transaction, AdWords will then bid within your budget to attract customers with the highest chance of a conversion.

Linking AdWords to Analytics will allow you to see in Analytics which AdWords campaigns, ad groups, ads and keywords are causing or assisting in website conversions.

If you’re using display network remarketing, linking accounts allows you to create unique remarketing lists based on various dimensions and metrics. This in itself is more than enough reason anyone spending over $300 per month should have AdWords and Analytics linked. The remarketing feature allows you to remarket to lists based on previous behaviour. As an example you may have a specific advert advertising the product that a previous visitor had placed in a shopping cart and then abandoned the site. You might choose to offer a free consultation to a visitor that viewed both your FAQ and contact information.

Link your AdWords and Analytics accounts as soon as possible to see the full picture, start driving more conversions and to maximise your return on your ad spend.

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