Google Webmaster SEO


Google Webmaster Tools is the one SEO tool every website owner should have.



Most webmasters consider Google Webmaster Tools the most powerful part of their SEO marketing toolbox.  I consider it the single most important SEO tool I use to perform in the search engines.


If I could have only one SEO tool this would be it!  There are literally dozens of extremely useful reports inside Google Webmaster Tools.


Search Queries Reports – will tell you what keyword phrases you rank for in Google as well as the exact ranking. These reports also tell you the number of times you came up in the search results and the click-thru rate (CTR).



HTML Improvements Report – will show you if your pages need new or better titles and descriptions for SEO

Crawl Errors – will show you a list of your websites pages that Google could not find , or links that are “broken” pages, known as 404 pages. These are a real SEO killer, as they tell Google your content is not fresh.

Sitemaps – is where you submit your XML sitemaps to Google.  This is a must have for SEO.


Links to Your Site –  shows the quantity and quality of external websites that link to your website. This is in my opinion the single most important factor for SEO in Google’s Search Algorithm. This section provides great insight into who is linking and you can then use that information to chase similar sites or businesses to link to your site and improve your SEO.

Ask your SEO webmaster for the login credentials for your Google Webmaster Tools.  If your webmaster has not setup your Google Webmaster Tools account, someone is asleep on the job!


If you need us to set up or advise on how to maximise your SEO and  the use of your Webmaster tools please contact us.