Matt Cutts Explains Internet Search Engines and How Search Works

SEO relevant and a great watch for anyone just starting in SEO.

Matt explains how SEO can be optimized by:

  • Must include the search terms you want to be found for
  • SEO keywords need to appear in the title
  • SEO keywords need to appear in the heading
  • SEO keywords need to appear adjacent to each other
  • SEO synonyms should be used
  • You should endeavour to link and be linked to, from high quality sites on similar topics.
  • Avoid SPAM linking and being SPAMMY
  • There are over 200 items that determine your SEO results

How can an older site maintain its ranking over time?

The quick answer, keep your domain fresh! Update it regularly, have nice design and keep fresh links.

How does Google handle duplicate content?

Google treats duplicate content as the same, it is not treated as SPAM, but google does try to improve the user experience by only serving up one version in search results.

Matt also explains how jsut using RSS to create content is not really valuable and may get classified as SPAMMY.

What should I be aware of if I’m considering guest blogging?

Basically keep your guest blogging quality high. Have lots of unique content and make sure you use unique content each time you do. Google is becoming aware of the abuse starting to happening in this segment. If you intend to use it in 2017 or beyond for your SEO, certainly make sure you’re doing it with the user experience in mind.

How many links on a page should we have? Is there a limit?

You can have as many links on a page as you want for SEO. However, and this is a very important however. If you have 1000 links then your page rank for each link will be tiny. If it’s so many that it looks spammy or detracts from a user experience. The page must be long if it has lots of links.


How can small sites become popular?