5 SEO Mistakes That Will Get You Slapped By Google

Everyday Google algorithms are getting smarter and faster, at catching out non genuine SEO techniques. One day you can be position 1 on Google, and the next your site can be banned, if you stray from the rules.

So what is it that Google hates so much, that they will pull your site and banish its most important traffic source, forever.  Why would they do such a thing, and how can you avoid it.


How Google Works – The Hard Truth

Every day millions of people are working out new ways to try and trick Google algorithms, and millions of other people are using old SEO techniques that used to work, to try and spam their way through the rankings, for a short lived boost to traffic. In some industries, with very short term product cycles, this actually works, but for most others, it will simply means all your hard earned effort, amounts to nothing.

Google is in a war with these SEO pirates, trying to protect its reputation as the undisputed number one search engine. The only way Google can do this is if its search engines deliver the best quality content to users almost every time they search.

Google SEO is now more influenced than ever by three key areas: fantastic content that people want to link to and share, having influencers referring to your content and organic or natural growth.

SEO Mistake Number 1 – Buying Links

In 2005 this sort of thing worked for Google SEO, but not in 2017.

This will now get you quickly banned from Google all together. 2-3 good quality links from high ranking sites in your industry is easily better than 50 or even 500 low quality links.

In fact in the SEO world you cant really do anything worse than buying low quality links.

SEO Mistake Number 2 – Joining Link Directories

Right now in 2016, many high ranking sites are still actively using link directories, however this is fraught with danger. If the quality of the link directory is very high and only high quality links make it through the review process, than using a link directory can prove o be a positive SEO move.

The vast majority of link directories are poor to extremely poor quality. By joining one, your links are at the mercy of someone else’s choices which are revenue driven. One bad apple and the basket of links rots.

So unless you can afford the time and money, to find and only join the absolute highest quality of link directories, avoid them at all costs.

SEO Mistake Number 3 – Article Marketing

In 2008 Article marketing was the rage and it worked extremely well.

The proliferation of article websites and even article writing software that used to spin one article into twenty different articles, caused a massive problem for search engines trying to deliver unique fresh high quality content to users. As such, article marketing is now a real no no.

Thats not to say articles don’t have great SEO relevance, they do, but spinning different versions of the same article with minor variations is a surefire way to cop an SEO penalty or slap.

SEO Mistake Number 4 – Keyword Stuffing

SEO was originally built upon keywords and keyword phrases and for most of the history of the internet, nothing was more important to SEO than keywords. Even right now they form an extremely important part of any SEO strategy.

Often people with little knowledge of keywords reverted to keyword stuffing, where they rammed as many keywords as they could into the URL, headings, meta tags, descriptions and text of the site. This often led to relevant content being delivered, but a very bad user experience, as things didn’t read well, they had poor menu structures and appalling accessibility for visually or hearing impaired users.

Stuffing keywords is a great way to cop a google slap. Instead you should be using natural worded on topic use of keywords and synonyms known as LSI or Latent Semantic Indexing. Keyword densities over 3% will likely trigger alarms if other quality factors are low.


SEO Mistake Number 5 – Broken Links

From an SEO perspective broken links indicate to Google that your content is not as fresh as content with all links working. It also indicates your operating in a neighbourhood that links to sites without longevity.

Broken links are extremely easy to check for, simply check in your webmaster tool, or find any of the numerous free tools onlien that crawl your website for broken links.


Do I Have You Worried About Your SEO?

The aim of this blog post is not to make you worry. Its to have you take the right steps in the first place.

Everyone rightly so, wants their rankings to rise to the top of Google. What you need to remember is that Google is a far smarter company then you or I, they have incredible resources and they are ALWAYS taking active steps to protect the quality of their search results.

Don’t fret and don’t panic. If you have been using any of the shoddy methods of SEO above, stop now.


So how do you get better SEO rankings without being slapped?

  1. Provide a great user experience, on topic, relevant and easy to read
  2. Provide regular fresh content, and make it cyclical, readers and search engines enjoy being able to come to your site on a regular basis to see a new article or two, not 20 then a drought.
  3. Mix with influencers in your field and try to have them link to your super high quality content, write an article or create an infographic, that they simply can’t resist sharing with their visitors.
  4. Get and SEO expert to check your current performance and provide advice for future efforts.
  5. Sit back and wait for Google to do its work. If you are providing high quality content, mixing with influencers and have a great user experience, it jsut a matter of time, because most competitors are not doing this.

Matt Cutts – Google’s Own SEO Expert Advises On SEO Mistakes

  1. No site, make it crawlable
  2. Check links,make content easy to find
  3. Include the right words on pages
  4. Include menus & hours, things users want
  5. Compelling content & marketing
  6. Title easy to find
  7. Description clickable
  8. Use webmaster tools

Google’s Own SEO Starters Guide

Matt Cutts – Google’s Own SEO Expert Advises On SEO Myths

  1. Having AdWords doesn’t affect rank
  2. Avoid group think on fads
  3. Avoid SEO software tools
  4. Google just wants great search