Why You Need A Regular Website Check

  1. To ensure software is up to date and protect the security of your site and users
  2. To ensure you meet your privacy obligations
  3. To ensure your website is not stolen or hacked
  4. To improve SEO efforts and see if prior SEO may result in an SEO penalty
  5. To increase customer engagement
  6. To increase CTR and traffic
  7. To improve user experience
  8. To reduce bounce rates
  9. To improve quality score and lower AdWords or other advertising bids

Meeting Your ISP & Hosting Obligations

Just like your car, teeth and health,  websites need regular checkups. Websites are built on software, and software platforms that age and change over time.

The two primary reasons they change is to patch newfound security problems and to allow for new features that old software did not cater for.

Almost all ISP have strict rules that you must meet in terms of keeping your website or server software up to date for security reasons. One bad website can expose hundreds of others and even entire networks to all sorts of problems and malicious attacks.

Ensuring Your SEO Efforts Are Current

A website checkup or audit can not only alert you to potential SEO problems that may see you punished by Google or possibly even banned, but it can also alert you to where you can get the easiest SEO gains going forward.

Problems we often find in audits include keyword stuffing, heading stuffing, poor URL structure, sitemap or robot file problems, poor quality or spammy backlinks and broken links.

We often identify missing meta data, non SEO optimized sections, poor keyword analysis or a misalignment between keywords targeted and keywords used. In fact SEO alone is a reason a website should be audited or checked every 12-24 months.


Technical Issues In Your Website Check

It never ceases to amaze us how many technical issues most websites have. These can range from the sites being down completely through to non functioning contact information, slow page load speeds and much more.

When we perform a website check we literally test for hundreds of problems running software across your site looking for any issues that might cause problems to users, yourself or the all important search engines.

When reporting back we need to be careful not to bombard you with meaningless information, so we carefully prioritize the most pressing issues.


Please contact us for a website check to meet your needs and budget