Why I Use Only WordPress

When we talk about WordPress here we are talking about your own WordPress website on your own hosting, not a wordpress blog on WordPress.org. this is because you own the site and no one can withdraw its services.

I first started using WordPress in 2004, the year of its official release and have seen it grow from a clunk, glitchy platform with lots of promise into the undisputable world’s best website development platform.

I was a high school teacher, teaching website design for many years and I have used virtually every mainstream website development tool. These days I only design in WordPress, because it is faster, easier, more flexible, has incredible functionality and very importantly it has longevity and great support communities.

  1. WordPress is easy to setup
  2. WordPress is easy to manage
  3. WordPress is easy to update
  4. WordPress is easy to change
  5. WordPress is easy to have a blog for regular fresh content for SEO
  6. WordPress plugins add incredibly complex features to a basic website
  7. Most of WordPress is open source, meaning the development costs are tiny
  8. WordPress is simply amazing from an SEO perspective, the search engines love it.
  9. WordPress is a content management system (CMS)
  10. WordPress has incredibly well documented support and massive support forums worldwide
  11. WordPress is mobile friendly
  12. WordPress is mature and will not disappear
  13. WordPress is used by possibly 70% of the world’s websites
  14. WordPress  is used by large and small businesses including top tier fortune 500 companies
  15. WordPress is simply the best

How WordPress Can Benefit Your Business Websites

  1. WordPress can grow with your business
  2. WordPress can adapt to change when a company changes direction
  3. WordPress can easily add extra pages, posts, categories or tags
  4. WordPress can easily have functionality added, withdrawn or changed as your needs change
  5. WordPress has fast page load speeds, and is very stable
  6. WordPress makes SEO so much easier and cheaper

What WordPress Can Do For You

  1. WordPress can host a beautiful complex website
  2. WordPress can have multiple blogs
  3. WordPress can have host ecommerce stores with payment integration
  4. WordPress can integrate with most major software providers
  5. WordPress can integrate with existing or new databases
  6. WordPress can automate data entry and tasks with forms
  7. WordPress can host images, galleries and video content
  8. WordPress can host Learning Management Systems with courses and exams
  9. WordPress can be used for email subscription management
  10. WordPress can drip feed content
  11. WordPress can manage users with free and paid sections
  12. WordPress can segregate paid users into various access levels

Why You Need A WordPress Developer

Despite wordpress being incredibly easy to use (by web development standards), website design and website development is a terribly complex area.

Imaging me coming into your area of expertise, and trying to achieve what you do, to anywhere near the standard, in anywhere near the time. It would be laughable.

Website development is very technical, it has literally thousands of aspects that need consideration, trust it to an expert, who can use years of experience to fast track your success and showcase your business in a fraction fo the time.

When you need a stunning , functional and effective WordPress Website Contact us.